Halo 5 to star Spartans from book series, and a favorite ODST


The god of all gaming magazines, Gameinformer, has announced a slew of information pertaining to Halo 5. For the next month they will be revealing exclusive content from producer videos, to possible gameplay for Halo 5. Along with their cover reveal for their latest issue, they also announced something amazing.

Halo 5 will Star not only the Master Chief, Spartan John 117, but also Blue team. Consisting of Spartans Fred 104, Linda 58, and Kelly 87. Below is another capture of Gameinformer’s July cover clearly showing the Blue team which will be in Halo 5.

267-cover-reveal-front-610The appearance of Blue team in Halo 5 is really really cool for a few reasons. First off, it is the first true visual since Halo: Reach that Spartans work in a team. In all numbered installments of the Halo series we focus on the stalwart, and alone Master Chief. Seeing him regroup with others of his kind will truly be a first for the video game. At this point in time we have no idea what Blue team’s objective is, and it seems 343 wants to keep it that way.

The introduction of Spartan Locke is going to be another key part of Halo 5. He is putting together his own team of Spartans which will include an ODST (Orbital Drop Ship Trooper) from the game Halo: ODST. Called Fireteam Osiris, the group consists of Spartan IV soldiers including a returning fan favorite: Edward Buck (Nathan Fillion).


While the reception of Halo: ODST was far from stellar, Nathan Fillion has always been a fan favorite of the series.

All fans eagerly awaiting the chance to play Halo 5, should definitely go back and read the novels. Not only will you gain a deeper insight into the Halo universe, but you will without a doubt understand Halo 5’s story much better.


SOURCE: Game Informer

IMAGE SOURCE: Game Informer

Star Wars Humble Bundle


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